Success Stories

Parents’ Testimonials
So far I really like Horizon Science Academy. I like the extra special interest the teachers taking the kids and finding out about them. The teachers make your feel very comfortable and they are ready to listen. Marena has always done well in school and starting things are easy for her, but she gets relaxed and starts slipping. I hope the teachers continue to challenge her and stay one step ahead of her. I also like that every time I have come to the school to pick up Marena, the principal has been in sight every time. That shows that he takes extra special interest in the children here and what is happening on school grounds.
    Renee Sniegowski – Parent
    I am very pleased with HSAS. I feel like my children are getting a good education at HSAS. My children look forward to going to school. I also believe that the smaller student population has helped my children. –
    Carrie Kramer – Parent
    My daughter and I just moved back to Ohio this year. It has been a big change for the both of us. Coming to HSAS had made it easier for us to feel at home. The staff here is PHENOMENAL. Each teacher and staff member is always personable with each student. We feel as if it’s a family away from our family. I am glad that we decided to be a part of the HSAS family. Being here will get Mallory ready for the high school years.
    Charly Cole – Parent
Students’ Testimonials
    I have been attending HSAS for 1 year. Throughout the time I have made new friends. I decided to come again even though I could’ve gone somewhere else. I decided to come here again for the safe learning environment unlike my previous schools where kids always fight. The teachers here care about our edumacation and want us to learn. I will be coming here again next year then HSAT high school.
    Aldo Ibarra – Student
    I have been attending HSAS for a year, and I have learned a lot. Not only learned that this school is the greatest school I ever been to but this school has a lot of activities and field trips and after school programs such as tutoring, and great food breakfast and lunch .Horizon Science Academy Springfield is one of the best schools in Toledo, Ohio.
    Aundrell Self – Student
    I have been attending horizon science academy Springfield for three years and this has been the best school I have ever been too. I have learned a lot of things and HSAS offers a lot of clubs which anyone can join this school is small but well controlled, the teachers are nice and treat everyone fairly HSAS has a lot of different classes which prepare us for college and will help us in the future to be successful and live life to the fullest. HSAS has classes like Computer, Spanish, and Art. I hope to go to college one day and Horizon Science Academy Springfield can help me.
    Chase Keeler – Student
    I have been attending HSAS for three months now. While I have been here for three months, I have learned a lot. I have learned good deals about my classes, and I also learned about others. I know that I am able to do my best for me and for others around me. Horizon Science Academy Springfield is a small school with lots of students. In school I am getting to know each and everyone around like the staff members, teachers, and students. I am a positive person that loves to come to school every day and learn something new. I am a part of the community at school and out of school I respect everyone around me. I know that teachers care about their students and want them to get a good education for the future.
    Dayionna Wilson – Student
    I have been attending HSAS for two years. I have made lots of friends and learned lots of new things. At HSAS I have improved my grades and behavior. I think HSAS is one of the best schools around we went on field trips like the zoo New York and a lot more cool places.
    Jason Damon – Student
    Since I have been attending Horizon Science Academy Springfield I have learned a great number of things. The school and the lessons they teach seem to become of great use later on in my life. This school is one that I would really like to continue next year. Horizon has been one of the best schools I have ever gone to. I would recommend others to come here.
    Joshua Venia – Student
    This is my second year here at HSAS. This is a wonderful school, I love it here. The teachers are so nice here. When I’m at school I feel so safe. They have really awesome clubs too; my favorite clubs is Yearbook club and Art club. We have so much fun here and really awesome field trips, like the Zoo or winter camp. Winter camp is when the students and teachers go to Maumee Bay State park, it’s so much fun.
    I think HSAS is one of the greatest schools ever.
    Marissa Muniz – Student
    I love going to this school because I am getting a good education, making lots of friends like always, and I’m having fun. I am meeting more friends and seeing friends from my old school so basically it’s been seeing old ones and meeting new ones.
    I am getting good grades, communicating better than before and improving in my social life with friends and even teachers. All the teachers are nice, fun, and have a lot to teach us and I’m grateful for that.
    This school has activities that boost my knowledge and accuracy towards learning and improves my focus to my education.
    HSAS is a fun, nice, exciting, new place for me that I’ve adapted to and I don’t want to leave this school for all good purposes because here I have a future and I’ve finally realized that because of all the purposes I have here.
    I will keep improving and focus all my knowledge on my future because of HSAS.
    Richard Thomas – Student
    This is my second year here at Horizons Science Academy, and in the two years that I have been here I have learned so many new things. Gym class this year is the best ever I have never had so much fun in my life. Classes are fun to learn in and people care about my opinions. I would recommend this school to every parent and tell them about the new wonderful environment. Thank you for the best two years of my life.
    Robert Rivera – Student
    This is my first year going to HSAS. This school teaches children a lot of things that would help us in the future. The school is small so the classes would be small to. That means there would be less class distractions. The ratio between students and teachers is 1:10, and that is great. Every teacher knows most of our names of the students at HSAS. The teachers really care about our future education and careers. Because of that I feel that I’m part of the future of this country.
    Siraj Lyons – Student
    I have been attending HSAS for two years now and I have learned a lot. I have learned how to learn and correct my errors. I have learned to focus on my school work than on others. I still know that there are a lot of things to learn and a lot of mistakes I will have to correct in the future. I will always make mistakes but to learn from them makes up for it.
    Steven Hoy – Student
    HSAS, man this school is the best school I ever went to. I mean I made lots of new friends. The teachers are nice. The school went to lots of cool trips. The coolest trip we went to was Cedar Point.
    I really like it when they call me Mr. Reese it makes me feel good about myself. If I were you I would come here it would be the best time of your little big life.
    Dajon Reese – Student
    I’ve gone to HSAS for almost two years! It’s my second year here, I like all my teachers and my best friends go here too! Other schools are just learning Pre-Algebra and learning of Ancient China when I learned it all last year! HSAS is ahead of other public schools. We have many field trips and still learn things from them. We have much fun after school activities! Horizon Science Academy Springfield is the best school I’ve been ever and I recommend anyone there!
    Winne Smith – Student