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Important Holiday Break Information

Parents and guardians,

Tomorrow, students will begin their winter break. We hope this break provides you and your family some much needed time for rest and togetherness.

Please be advised, Google Classrooms and Seesaw will still be open during this break. Your students are welcome to use this time to make up any missing work. Teachers, however, will not be working. As a result, assignments submitted over break will not be graded until our return in January. Additionally, teachers will not be responding to emails during this break but will gladly get back to you upon our return.

As you may have seen, Toledo Public Schools announced today that their students will remain fully remote through at least the start of February. They have decided to follow this path as virus transmission rates remain high and it is likely that the outside-of-household socialization that typically occurs during the holidays will only exacerbate this issue.

As we typically have, we will follow suit – extending our fully-remote period until, at minimum, the start of February. We will, of course, monitor the situation and reassess as necessary.

We appreciate so much all you do for your students. This year has definitely proven just how critical the home-to-school connection truly is in ensuring student success.

Have a wonderful holiday season.


Mrs. Schreiner

Principal, Horizon Science Academy Springfield