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Enroll Your HSAS Student into Our Summer Institute

Due to COVID-19 related school closures, many students have fallen behind in the last calendar year. We are committed to doing everything we can to help students catch up.

One such initiative that we are excited to announce is the first ever Horizon Science Academy Springfield Summer Institute.


All students currently enrolled in kindergarten through 7th grade are invited to apply for participation in this free 3-week program.

Review the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below to determine if this program is something in which you would like your student(s) to participate.


If, after reviewing the details of the program, you would like to apply, complete this form.

Horizon Science Academy Springfield Summer Institute Application*


All applications are due by Friday, May 7th.  Also, spaces are limited and students will be admitted on a first-come-first-served basis.

*If you have difficulty opening this link, you may be trying to complete this application on a device that is not compatible. Please try again on a Chromebook or computer.


What dates and times will this program run?

This program will run for three weeks:

Week 1 – June 7th through June 11th

Week 2 – June 14th through June 18th

Week 3 – June 21st through June 25th

On institute days, the program will begin at 10am and run through 2pm.

Because spaces are limited, we do ask that you not enroll your student unless you can commit to attending the entire program.


What subjects will the students receive instruction in during this program?

Students will receive instruction in English and mathematics only during this institute.


What is the deadline for application?

The application window closes Friday, May 7th. Due to planning needs, no applications will be accepted after this date.


Will transportation and food be provided?

Yes. All students will be eligible for yellow bus transportation for the duration of the program. Also, students will receive a free school lunch daily.


If my child fails the year, will completing this program mean he/she is promoted to the next grade?

While students who fail the academic year may be promoted after completion of the institute, promotion is not guaranteed. All students will complete a mastery assessment at the conclusion of the institute. This assessment will provide information as to your student’s academic level and will be used to determine whether promotion is appropriate.