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Celebrating Black History Month


Ms. Rooker’s 1st grade class created a “quilt” of sorts. It is inspired by the historical fiction Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt. In the story, Clara uses a quilt as a map to tell runaway about the Under Railroad. Reading the story lead to a discussion about using a quilt as a way to relay information.

Students then conducted research about important African American figures from the past and present. They then used the writing process to strengthen their writing and publish their work in a form of a quilt. The class quilt is a way to share with the school our research; much like Clara used her quilt to share a map to the Underground Railroad.

In Mrs. Brown’s 2nd grade class, they teamed up with Mr. Ornek in computer class and got help at home to do research and write a report on a chosen, prominent African American. Students chose leaders like Ben Carson, Bessie Coleman, Jesse Owens, Mohammed Ali and Rosa Parks- to name a few . After completing their report, they shared it with their classmates by reading it aloud.

Black History Month was a busy time in Ms. Conklin’s art class! 1st grade made Samburu necklaces. 2nd grade made Kente cloth. 3rd grade made artwork inspired by Faith Ringgold’s Tar Beach book. Fourth grade is making Mud Cloths from Mali. Fifth grade created illustrative biographies on black artists and, 6th just finished African masks.

In Ms. Venia’s Community Club, students are using math to createa dodecahedron of character traits after discussing the positive character traits of people like Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. A dodechedron is a three-dimensional shape having twelve plane faces, in particular a regular solid figure with twelve equal pentagonal faces.