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2018 Basketball Champions

The Lady Wizards and Wizard Fellas had an amazing season. Lasheena Stenson, with her son’s help Arthur Harris (former Wizard), led the Lady Wizards to an undefeated season straight through the tournaments. The Lady Wizards took home two 1st place plaques, one from the CSAC Regular Season and one from the CSAC Tournament Championship. John Gibson and Deli McGee coached our Wizard Fellas this basketball season. They took home the CSAC Regular Season Runner-up Plaque for the regular season. The upset took place on May 24th, when the number two seed HSAS Wizards, beat the undefeated Northpointe for the championship.  The Wizard Fellas took home the CSAC Tournament Championship Plaque. Mr. Becker and Ms. Johnson-Davis showed great support throughout the season; attending games, supporting coaches and scheduling/running practices. All students and coaches who participated in basketball have worked very hard to achieve their medals of honor and awards.